7 Small Condo Bedroom Ideas

This is an image of a minimalist condo bedroom design

Size is not subjective. If you have a small condo bedroom, it’s a small condo bedroom and you know it.

Size, however, can be manipulated.

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Generally speaking, condos in big metropolitan cities like Toronto are on the smaller side, which make styling and designing the space much harder. In this type of dilemma, you want to make the best use of the space you have to make your apartment feel less crowded and to also customize it to your lifestyle.

In this article, we’re giving you our best tips and tricks on how to make your small condo bedroom look bigger than it is using innovative interior design ideas. Continue reading.

1. Choose Your Rugs Carefully

Importance of choosing rugs

Mostly, rugs in small areas are somewhat frowned upon from an interior design standpoint, so it’s best to simply go without one. But we think the right size of area rug can create the illusion of bigger floor space, making the room seem much bigger than it actually is.

If you’re a rug kind of person, we recommend placing one large rug instead of dispersing multiple rugs throughout the room. The best way to gauge the right size of rug for the room you have is to make sure the rug is 12 inches away from every wall or side.

2. Use Convertible, Multi-Purpose Furniture

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The most practical way to save space when you have none is to use multi-purpose furniture pieces. Storage ottomans are a great example of 2-in-1 pieces that effectively combine two uses in one: seating and storage.

Along the same lines, many standing desks come with built-in storage shelves and drawers. So if you’re going to put a desk in a small condo bedroom, might as well make the most out of the space it occupies, right?

This is an image of a minimalist condo bedroom design

Speaking of desks, consider a wall-hung desk that you can fold for use and unfold flat against the wall when not in use. Another fantastic small bedroom idea that saves space!

3. Stick to Light Pastel Shades

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It goes without saying that dark colors make things appear smaller than they are, and that’s not an interior design thing; it’s just a color thing that applies to paintings, clothes, and pretty much anything else. Dark colors tend to absorb light which makes a room look dim and less open.

By the same token, using light shades of colors will make a small room appear bigger, brighter, and more open. Light colors will reflect and project light throughout the room, making the tiny space you have seem less tiny.

4. Keep Your Items in Check

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Desperate times call for desperate measures. Look around the bedroom and see if you absolutely and imperatively need all that’s in sight. Most likely the answer is no. As humans, we tend to hold on to things even if we don’t need them anymore and that just stems from our innate instincts of ownership. But that’s also one of the main culprits of making a small room look even smaller.

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Having a small condo bedroom means seasonal cleaning and decluttering are your two best friends. So do yourself a favor and keep your things in order. That way you eliminate the items you don’t use and keep the ones you do neat and organized. And remember: a cluttered room will look crowded and cramped when it has the potential to look spacious and welcoming.

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5. Place Furniture Strategically

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The rule of thumb in small bedroom designs is: big pieces go to the back of the room.

Beds, armoires, dressers, and desks are all pieces that take up a lot of space, which is why it’s best to place them as far away from the door as possible. Even though the square footage of the room is constant, positioning furniture pieces can turn it into a variable, figuratively, of course.

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Aligning smaller furniture pieces like an armchair, beanbag, or bedside table closer to the front of the room will give the room a more spacious feel upon entry. And that’s exactly the illusion you want to recreate.

6. Store Vertically, Not Horizontally

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The walls of a small bedroom offer the biggest (and easiest) opportunity to use space smartly. Try your best to avoid furniture pieces that protrude out, and go for pieces that travel up.

Bulky pieces that protrude out are not the best choice when it comes to styling a small condo bedroom. Instead, we advise using pieces, specifically storage units, that are tall and have small widths rather than pieces that stick out and don’t occupy much height.

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Now, unless you own the condo apartment you live in, there might be some limitations on hammering nails into the walls to secure furniture. However, the interior design market has taken this dilemma into account and you can actually buy nails that don’t require any hammering or drilling. That way, both you and your landlord are happy as clams.

There’s really no excuse; don’t let the walls be wasted space and use them to your advantage.

7. Tear a Wall Down (if Possible)

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If you’re feeling like no interior design idea can ameliorate the situation, you could try knocking down a wall to expand the size of the room in itself or join it with another room to create an open-concept condo, if you’re the owner, of course.

But the reason why we say “if possible” is due to the fact that some zoning bylaws would not allow for a condo remodelling job simply because it poses a risk to the apartment’s structural integrity as well its occupants. So that’s something condo owners will need to investigate beforehand.

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