Best Ways to Maximize Space in a Condo Bathroom

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When it comes to our bathrooms, it always seems that there’s just not enough space to meet our needs, and this can be especially true in condos. Whether it’s your morning shower, shaving your face, or doing your makeup, there are a lot of things we need our bathrooms for. Fortunately, there are a number of measures you can take to free up every possible square inch of space. The following tips will help you utilize your smaller space as effectively and efficiently as possible and truly maximize bathroom storage.  

condo bathroom with steel vanity and walk in shower - condo bathroom renovations toronto

Choose a Minimalist Design

Less is more when trying to decorate a smaller space. Opt for a minimalist design in order to avoid clutter piling up and items constantly going missing. A vessel sink is a great way to open up as much counter space as your vanity permits. You can even consider mounting baskets to the bathroom wall as a cost-effective solution to create additional storage.

The open and raised sides make for a great place to store lotions, creams, and other hygiene products along with towels and cloths. Simply hammer a nail through the basket’s weave to attach it to the wall.


Use Under-Cabinet Storage

You should never overlook how useful and necessary under-cabinet storage can be in smaller condo bathrooms. Sink selection is very important when trying to maximize vanity storage space as it can potentially cut into your options. Make sure it doesn’t take away too much space inside the vanity and make sure to explore drawers and cupboards. You should even consider medicine cabinet storage.

A great way to create additional storage within the medicine cabinet is through the use of a magnetic memo board inside the door – this is where you can store beauty projects and other grooming tools. Magnetic containers and hooks are a great way to maximize storage in this fashion.


Use Built-Ins for Storage

Built-in storage directly in the wall of the bathroom is another great way to create storage space out of thin air. These little compartments are great places to store things like extra towels, soaps and shampoos, and even toilet paper.

Built-ins are also great options to create storage in the shower too, as space is not always available to accommodate a shower organizer. 

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Add a Stylish Shelf

Stylish shelving is another great option to explore to create additional storage opportunities.

condo bathroom with steel vanity and walk in shower - condo bathroom renovations toronto

Make Use of Space Above Toilet

Don’t overlook the possibilities of over-the-toilet storage space. Adding shelving here is another option to maximize square footage in smaller spaces.

Towels, toilet papers, soaps, or your favourite decor. Or perhaps you want to install a shower rack but wall space is limited – simply mount it over the toilet.

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Wall Space for Storage

There is an endless possibility of creating storage space on our bathroom walls.

Ladder shelving, wall-to-wall shelving, towel rods, and even wall-mounted faucets are all options you can explore.

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Condo bathroom space can be very limited so it’s important to get creative when adding storage options. Built-ins, shelving, magnetic strips, over-toilet shelf ideas, and more – there are a number of options you can explore to create some much-needed space in your bathroom. For more information on small bathroom storage ideas, or to get started, call the experts at Moose Condo Reno.