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How To Increase Space in Your Condo

When it comes to condo design, it’s essential to follow the mantra of “less is more”. It may seem like a tall order for a tiny space, but with a little creative thinking, it’s easy to decorate a condo that’s functional and fresh as well as one that’s free of clutter and won’t trigger your…

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Condo Kitchen Ideas

Condo kitchen renovations can transform the look of your whole main floor area. Regardless of your budget, kitchen size, or floor layout, you have many options when it comes condo kitchen remodelling. An upgraded condo kitchen design will add function, beauty, and value to your condominium. White and Bright Cabinetry White cabinets are great for…

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Toronto Condo Renovation Requirements

Condo renovations will revitalize and personalize your living space. Whether it is remodelling the bathroom or kitchen, or giving your living or bedroom area a facelift, renovations add more value to your condo while meeting your personal needs and style. However, unlike renovating a house, there is more involved when it comes to renovating your…

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Condo Renovation Costs

Just like traditional homes, condos need makeovers too. Most condos are built with minimal design features to attract buyers of all tastes. But once you finally have a condo to call your own, it’s time to add finishing touches and design features that reflect you. But where do you begin? Like any renovation project, it’s…

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What to Consider Before Condo Renovation

Doubtlessly, condominiums have a growing popularity in the real estate market. They offer high-quality community amenities that are often a far-fetched dream in a detached home. For all the luxury living they condos offer, they are also comparatively easier to maintain. However, condo renovation is totally different ball game which requires proper planning. But once…

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7 Small Condo Bedroom Ideas

Size is not subjective. If you have a small condo bedroom, it’s a small condo bedroom and you know it. Size, however, can be manipulated. Generally speaking, condos in big metropolitan cities like Toronto are on the smaller side, which make styling and designing the space much harder. In this type of dilemma, you want…

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Flipping a Condo in the Toronto Market

House Flipping Isn’t Just for Houses Anymore Start Thinking About Condo Flipping, It Has Less Competition and It’s More Affordable It is not all about finding a dingy house and turning it into a gorgeous home in the flipping game. The drab-to-fab house renovations are time-consuming and can make you a lot of money, but…

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Condo Kitchen Remodel Ideas

So, you’re looking to update your condo kitchen. It’s exciting… and it can feel like a big step. The experience is not unlike buying a new home in the first place—there’s a lot of information out there, and it can be tough to know where to begin. Besides, where does one even get kitchen upgrade…

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Condo Renovation Ideas

Many homeowners like the idea of personalizing their homes and coming up with creative ideas that give their living space a unique look. Condos are no different. You may simply want to upgrade certain features in your condo or make more extensive changes like tearing down a wall to create more of an open space.…

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Condo Renovation Tips

Let’s face it, condo renovation can be a tedious task. Whether you choose to gut your entire condo or just remodel one room, there are still some very crucial decisions to be made. As condo renovation contractors, we’ve had a great deal of experience with Toronto condo renovation, and we’re here to help. To make…

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