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Condo Renovation Ideas

Many homeowners like the idea of personalizing their homes and coming up with creative ideas that give their living space a unique look. Condos are no different. You may simply want to upgrade certain features in your condo or make more extensive changes like tearing down a wall to create more of an open space.…

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Render of modern dining room

Condo Renovation Tips

Let’s face it, condo renovation can be a tedious task. Whether you choose to gut your entire condo or just remodel one room, there are still some very crucial decisions to be made. As condo renovation contractors, we’ve had a great deal of experience with Toronto condo renovation, and we’re here to help. To make…

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woman on sofa in a condo with a classic interior

Is Renovating an Old Condo Worth It?

If you are considering whether to stay or sell your older condo, you might be asking yourself, “Is renovating a condo worth it?” Here’s the thing, the condo market remains hot for homeowners, developers, and investors. Many potential real estate buyers today are looking for the newly constructed, move-in ready, modern buildings. But there is…

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woman sitting on a leather sofa in a loft

Toronto Lofts: Hard vs. Soft

If you live in the Six, you understand that lofts in Toronto are a hot commodity. Someone that doesn’t live around the downtown area, however, wouldn’t get the appeal of loft living. After all,  it’s exposed pipes in an endless ceiling! Nevertheless, most people don’t know that there are actually two main types of lofts:…

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