Condo Kitchen Remodel Ideas


So, you’re looking to update your condo kitchen. It’s exciting… and it can feel like a big step. The experience is not unlike buying a new home in the first place—there’s a lot of information out there, and it can be tough to know where to begin. Besides, where does one even get kitchen upgrade ideas?

The answer is simple: right here! Read on.

Top Notch Ideas for Any Condo Kitchen Remodel

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1. Kitchen Backsplash

A simple concept…but a really noticeable one. Adding a nice tile backsplash gives your kitchen more character, and is a relatively affordable change to make. Subway tiling is nice, especially when laid sideways to give the room a wider feel.

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2. Statement Kitchen Lights

Fluorescent light has long been a blight on kitchen design: it can give a harsh, bluish tinge to the colorization of the space. One easy way to instantly make your kitchen feel more inviting is to rely instead on hanging pendant lamps with a warmer tone.

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3. Repaint (Or Replace) the Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets experience a lot of wear and tear. Oftentimes, they’re the most worn and damaged parts of an old kitchen…and that tattered look can be a subtle detriment to the sophistication of the entire room. A new coat of paint, perhaps in a pastel shade, will be transformative. And if the budget allows, replacing them entirely with modern, flat cabinets can really make a difference.

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4. Consider an Open-Concept Kitchen

This almost goes without saying. In a smaller condo, open spaces are essential. Superfluous walls should be taken out, to give the room a wider feel.


5. Kitchen Flooring

When you think of “small kitchen renovation,” your imagination doesn’t necessarily go to the floor right away. But perhaps it should. That old kitchen stalwart, linoleum, can actually rather dash in a black and white tile layout. Meanwhile, the relatively small space offers a serious opportunity to spring for slightly pricier materials, as the low square footage should keep the cost down. White oak, for example, is warm and inviting.


6. Updated Kitchen Faucets

Like adding a backsplash, this is hardly a massive undertaking…and yet the difference can be striking. Modern faucets are also more efficient and may reduce your water usage. Earth will thank you.

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7. Add Some Green

Ok, in fairness this doesn’t exactly fall under the category of renovation…but after you’re done remodelling your small condo kitchen, why not liven up the place with a few plants? A kitchen, of all rooms, benefits greatly from the life and vibrancy of a few plants. And, of course, the cost is much lower than other possibilities. Speaking of which…

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8. Peninsulas or Islands

Open condo kitchens are popular in today’s condominium plans. Creating an open kitchen will make your whole floor plan look bigger, more spacious, and brighter. Islands and peninsulas add storage, workspace, and function. Chairs or stools can be added to turn your island or peninsula into a multifunctional working and dining area.

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9. Kitchen Fixtures and Hardware

Fixtures and hardware are essential in condo kitchen renovations. When planning any condo kitchen remodelling project, choosing the right light fixtures, taps, and cabinet hardware will give your kitchen condo design a contemporary and luxurious look.

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How Much Should Condo Kitchen Renovation Cost?

According to Home Depot, the average cost of a relatively minor kitchen remodel in Canada is about $20,000. A small condo kitchen, with its smaller-than-average footprint, should present lower costs. If you’re planning a more major renovation project though, the price will likely rise.

One way to think about the cost is to estimate by the square foot. As a general rule of thumb, roughly $120/square foot will get you a facelift, with no changes to the physical space. Meanwhile, a full-scale condo kitchen remodel might be somewhere in the range of $210-$300/square foot.

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