What to Consider Before Condo Renovation

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Doubtlessly, condominiums have a growing popularity in the real estate market. They offer high-quality community amenities that are often a far-fetched dream in a detached home. For all the luxury living they condos offer, they are also comparatively easier to maintain. However, condo renovation is totally different ball game which requires proper planning. But once renovated, your condo becomes your cloud 9. If you have a proper plan, revamping your condominium would not be as complex as it is said to be.

Here are the things that you should know before you set out with your tools and tapestries to renovate your condo.


1. Know the Rules

Every condominium building has different rules when it comes to renovation. The key is to consult your condominium board way in advance. Your building manager should be the first one to know about your plans to renovate your condo. You will be handed over a few forms that need to be filled before you set out. It is common for condos to have a rule that there can be no noise after certain hours of the day. There are some unwritten rules which can also be considered common courtesy. Letting your neighbours know that you have a renovation planned will spare them the dilemma of where the drilling noise is coming from.

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2. Approval from The Condo Board

Just filling out the forms is not enough. You should wait for the approval of the condo board. Approval times depend on how old your condominium building is. In brand new buildings, there is no procedure set in place which may take longer times. Similarly, in very old condominiums, there are long lists of condo renovation rules that need to be ticked before the approval comes in. If your building is somewhere in between new and old, chances are that you will get your approval faster.

Elevator Booking for condo remodeling

3. Elevator Booking

Once you have an approval, you might want to get all the materials in. Booking an elevator for the movement of materials will ensure that other residents of the building do not face any inconvenience. If your building has a separate freight elevator, a moving room or a loading dock, be sure to book them in advance. Depending on the delivery timing of your material, you can book the elevator for one or two days or for specific times of the day.

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4. Condo Renovation Budget

Condo renovation can be an unexpectedly costly affair. But if you have a properly laid out and detailed condo renovation budget, you will know what to expect. The budget should include the cost of materials, fixtures, electrical and plumbing cost along with other renovation services that you may take. A condo owner in the city spends an average of $10,000 on renovating the condo. However, the cost varies depending on your condo and your renovating plans for the condo.

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5. Reliable Condo Contractor

Given the complex rules of renovation and other logistic challenges, not every contractor is perfectly skilled to give your condo the remodelling it deserves. A skilled contractor will handle the permits and the coordination and will ensure that the renovation is going as per the plan. Ensure that the contractor is familiar with working in a condo. Don’t hesitate to ask the contractor about previous projects and an overall portfolio.


6. Make the Most of Your Condo Space

Condos are loved for their compact living (and for being closer to the sky). However, if you don’t have a blueprint that makes smart use of space, your condo may start looking clumsy. Given that you don’t have a basement to load seasonal appliances or worn-out memory-full sweaters, going for smart storage options like box beds and secret compartments is definitely a good idea. Believe it or not, the colour scheme of your condo can also go a long way in making it look spacious. Go for bright colours in beige, white or taupe tones. You can also have decorative mirrors to give an illusion of space. While you plan your condo remodel, make sure to incorporate these tricks.

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7. Invest in A Post-Renovation Cleanup.

You might want to save on some condo renovation cost and plan to take the broom in your hands. But, hiring a professional cleaning company is definitely an investment. Getting rid of the polish odour or the little bits of husk from your new woodwork is not a task for the un-skilled. You need heavy-duty cleaning appliances and cleaning supplies to make sure there is no drop of polish, glue or drywall left in your condo.

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You are now ready for some condo renovation. Get those catalogues out!