Condo Renovation Tips and ideas in Toronto

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Let’s face it, condo renovation can be a tedious task. Whether you choose to gut your entire condo or just remodel one room, there are still some very crucial decisions to be made. As condo renovation contractors, we’ve had a great deal of experience with Toronto condo renovation, and we’re here to help. To make things a little easier, we’ve listed some of our best condo renovation tips below that will set you up for success.

The Crucial Renovation Tips that We’ve Been Through!

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Get Familiar with Your Condo’s Building Regulations

Understanding your building’s regulations is a fundamental step before you begin to renovate your condo. Pay attention to load-bearing walls location in your condo.

Once you have a complete understanding of what you can and can’t do during construction, things will be able to run quickly and a lot more smoothly. It is also critical to build a good relationship with the condo board to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Decide Who the Condo Renovation is For

Are you going to enjoy your new condo remodel, or are you opting to go with flipping a condo route? This decision will help you solidify pivotal factors such as the budget and layout.

For instance, if you are choosing to flip your condo, you’ll likely have a higher budget since you’ll be earning money from the investment.

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Solidify the Design

Designers work wonders with renovation designs. Sit down with a reputable designer, and they’ll list some fabulous condo renovation ideas to help you finalize your design.

It is at this stage where you’ll plan out paint colours, fixtures, room layouts, and even furniture.

Meet with the Contractors

Here is an essential step where you’ll confirm relevant details. Make sure you have a good idea of what it costs to renovate a condo.

It is likely at this stage that you will finalize your condo renovation budget.

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Great Kitchen Upgrades to Include

A condo kitchen renovation is the most common with condo reconstruction, so you will likely be working on a new kitchen. A few key elements to add to your new kitchen to make a statement include new kitchen cabinets, an eye-popping centre island, or a state of the art stove.

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Consider These Bathroom Upgrades

Condo bathroom upgrades are another great way to add flair to your space. While remodelling a bathroom may seem insignificant, it can benefit you in a lot of ways.

Custom cabinets are fabulous for storage, installing a glass shower door looks sleek, and a new sink can go a long way.

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Don’t Move Fixtures Around

A top tip when it comes to condo renovations is to leave the fixtures where they are. It can be tempting to switch around your entire bathroom or kitchen layout, but this also means swapping locations for the toilet, stove, fridge, etc. As a result, this will cost you excess time and money, as intensive plumbing and electrical work will need to be done.

Instead, keep the fixtures as is and add new elements around them. For instance, add shelving above your toilet or frame your stove with shelves instead of cabinets. Or replace the fixtures with a more modern design that speaks to your personality. If you’re bored with silver chrome, switch to black, matte metal.

Lower the Amount of Lighting

Condo ceilings usually range from 8.5 feet to 9 feet, consisting of flush fixtures. To make any ceiling changes, drilling into concrete can be a challenge, but it can be done to reroute the fanning system. However, if you want to add new light fixtures for your apartment renovation, a 6 to 12-inch drop is needed.

Even though this portion will be lower than the rest of the ceiling, you can use it to your advantage and implement a unique design, making it a statement piece in your home. Additionally, when adding lighting or replacing lighting, try to add more depth to the space with hanging designs and striking chandeliers.

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Be Flexible

Before a condo renovation in Toronto, we always get a clear picture of what you envision your new space to look like. However, it is important to remain flexible and keep an open mind. As contractors work on a space, they may find an obstacle, such as wiring or plumbing that cannot be touched or worked around.

Instead, we will offer you an alternative solution that aligns with your aspirations. For instance, let’s say you wanted an island that was 10 feet long. If we think it will affect the flow of the space, we will recommend 8 feet or 6 feet instead.

Painting is Key

One of the most important condo renovation tips is using paint. Painting is a simple and affordable way to make your space look and feel brand new without having to rip up flooring or hammer walls.

So, make sure you look at the rooms of your condo to survey which rooms need a new colour and which colour they should be. Opt for dark or bold hues or try a warm neutral or pastel to make the space feel cozier.

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Stay Somewhere Else During the Condo Renovation

Home will always be the most comfortable spot to be, but during a renovation, it is recommended to stay with a friend or family member until the project is complete.

Remaining in the space while renovations are being worked on can cause you extra stress, both physically and mentally. Also, staying somewhere else until your condo is complete gives you the element of surprise, as you won’t see anything until it’s exactly as you envisioned it.

Other Factors to Consider

Once you have all the construction scheduled, you must have a place to stay during your condo renovation. Renting out an additional condo or staying with friends or family are good options to consider. You should also keep in mind that less is more when renovating your condo. You also don’t want to go over budget by adding too many features and cluttering up your condo. Keep things to a minimum, and the result will be marvellous.

Toronto condos can be expensive, which is why it is essential to make well-thought-out decisions during a renovation. With the right choices, your remodelling will be worth every penny.

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