You get a pamphlet in the mail of new local condos in your area, and you can’t help but gawk at the sparkling marble counters with a waterfall island, chestnut wood floors, and the glass, walk-in shower.

You glance around at your own condo’s tiled kitchen floors and sun-faded walls and think, “I need an upgrade.” Look no further than Moose Condo Reno.

Condo Renovation Services in Richmond Hill

It’s time to fall back in love with your home, which is why we take the renovation and remodeling process seriously. The best part is it’s hassle-free, and you’re not required to move. With competitive pricing and peak efficiency, we have been serving GTA for several years and always deliver people’s exact visions.

We consistently follow and stay on top of the Ontario Building Code and won’t get started before we have a clear blueprint in mind of what you’re looking for.

Our Unique Process

First off, we start with a free consultation. During this stage, we work closely with you to ensure your ideas are clearly portrayed, from the overall desired atmosphere to patterns and colours. The result will be a design you’ve always dreamed of. From there, we make sure all paperwork is complete for insurance, bylaws, material disposal, etc.

Don’t fret! We can help you fill out all of these items. Once the groundwork is complete, that’s when the real transformation happens. We will renovate your condo as desired while making sure it’s waterproof and mold-free. We also ensure your space is fireproof and energy efficient.

custom condo bedroom with wooden floor and work desk - condo renovations etobicoke

Condo Renovation Experts

We have high internal standards when it comes to project completion and customer management, so only cream-of-the-crop contractors are hired.

We have the skills to be a source for all your renovation needs and we have serviced residents with 100% customer satisfaction. From condo renovation ideas to small space designs, we can help with it all. It’s what we specialize in.

Condo Remodeling Richmond Hill

If you’re looking to remodel, then there are certain rules you need to follow. While we’re passionate about floor installation and painting walls, we can also help you navigate regulations to ensure your condo is ready to be worked on.

Check with your condo board to see what their specific rules are when it comes to remodeling. From there, let them know about when you plan to remodel your condo and for how long. Being transparent and keeping officials in the loop can prevent the project from falling through.

condo bathroom with steel vanity and walk in shower - condo bathroom renovations toronto

Why Choose Moose Condo Reno

Our team is professional and efficient and always follows industry standards. We understand all facets of condo renovations and can help you with each stage, from checking rules to filing papers, and the renovation itself. On top of that, we create new, modern design ideas that will give you the taste of luxury all while remaining within your budget. Your dream home shouldn’t break the bank. To get started, call us today at 437-771-5353 for a free quote.