How To Increase Space in Your Condo

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When it comes to condo design, it’s essential to follow the mantra of “less is more”. It may seem like a tall order for a tiny space, but with a little creative thinking, it’s easy to decorate a condo that’s functional and fresh as well as one that’s free of clutter and won’t trigger your claustrophobia. Here are a few tips to help you on your condo decorating quest:

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Add the Light

Making your small condo look bigger is easy when you can add lots and lots of light. Natural or artificial light can define the whole feel of the condo. Try using an assortment of floor, wall and table lamps at different levels and in different areas of the room. This will wash your whole room in warm, welcoming light and give the illusion of added space.

The crown jewel of the space should be a large, breathtaking chandelier to complement your condo’s design theme. It will catch anyone’s eye as they first enter the room, giving the illusion of a higher ceiling.

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Think Vertically & Use Dead Spaces

One of the biggest challenges of condo living is storage space. This can be easily remedied with custom cabinetry or floor-to-ceiling shelving. Vertical storage is key, because it uses the least space possible, but can help you instantly remove clutter and give the impression of organization and cleanliness. Look at decorative boxes that can be pulled out from underneath your bed or ones that can stack beside your washer and dryer. This will help you find a home for all of your possessions, from holiday decorations to last year’s tax returns.

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Colour Scheme

Think light and bright when it comes to selecting a colour palette for your condo. Whites and pastels work well together and have many different possible combinations. These kinds of colours act as natural light reflectors, injecting even more brightness into the condo. You’ll instantly add warmth and the illusion of extra space. Darker colours will make the space look cramped. Avoid these if possible.

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It’s the secret weapon for condo designers. We’re talking about mirrors, which can make even the tiniest spaces appear roomier. Putting a light next to a mirror will have the bonus of projecting even more light into the space. In the same vein, glass furniture is a great way to keep your condo from looking cluttered. It makes everything look fresh and perpetually stylish.

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Multifunctional Furniture

You don’t have to settle for less if you choose to live in a condo. The key to finding harmony in your space is being very picky about your furniture choices and finding multifunctional options. That could mean secret storage or bonus features, for example, sofa beds, roving kitchen islands and stools with adjustable heights.

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