How to Prepare For a Condo Kitchen Renovation

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With more people dining at home these days, a condo kitchen renovation is a perfect way to create a space that is more functional. Not only does a renovation improve the look of your kitchen, it also adds significant resale value. Since condos can be tight spaces to do renovations, it’s important to plan your renovation to ensure the design meets your needs. Condos are unique living spaces where your renovations may impact the units around you. It’s helpful to know your building codes and requirements before beginning condo renovations.

Let’s review some important information to consider before you begin your condo renovation.

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Consider Total Costs

Like any home building project, it’s important to establish your kitchen reno cost. A modern condo kitchen has a variety of associated costs to ensure the final project exceeds your expectations. Most condo renovation costs start at around $150 per square foot. This can increase or decrease based on what features and luxury items you want to include.

With the average condo kitchen size being approximately 150 square feet, this could mean a budget of around $22,000. This is without the cost of engineering and design fees. Material costs and interior design needs can also increase the cost of your project. It’s also important to budget for potential cost overruns so there are no surprises during the condo renovation process.

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Understand Rules and Requirements 

When you live in a condo, you’re essentially living in a community. This means that any large projects like a kitchen renovation must be reviewed by the building board of directors. You may also be required to meet other building regulations and guidelines that limit renovation hours, flooring options, adjusting utilities, and booking the elevator. 

Check with your building’s guidelines before installing flooring. Most condos do not allow hardwood floors, which has left many condo owners having to remove it again when the job was completed.

Be Aware of Limitations

Condos are a popular choice in homes within the real estate market. They offer a well-kept living option with great amenities to enhance your experience. But a condo can also present a number of limitations due to size and building restrictions. Your condo will have a set of standards and guidelines that determine the look and feel of your space. This doesn’t mean that you can’t make significant changes to your living space, it simply means you have to be realistic about what you can do. Talk to your contractor about your expectations.

They will be able to help you achieve a design that reflects your lifestyle and vision. It is recommended to hire a professional consultant who specializes in condo renovations to ensure that all the requirements are met and you have a finished project that will add value to your home.

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Keep Fixtures In Place

To create a more harmonious living situation, you may be tempted to remove fixtures. Only change what is necessary to ensure you are directing your budget towards the most important elements of your condo renovation. Your contractor will be able to review your options when it comes to changing fixtures. 

Some light fixtures and even your taps should be a simple adjustment. They may also be able to help you enhance the look of your home with pieces like a chandelier or crown molding. It’s not recommended to change things like the toilet or shower as these are permanent fixtures and may need to meet certain building styles and design guidelines. 

Review your building renovation policy to ensure your kitchen renovation meets the guidelines when it comes to renovating all elements of your kitchen, from cabinets to flooring.

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Remain Flexible

Kitchen renovations can be both fun and stressful. That’s why it’s important to remain flexible throughout the renovation process. Your contract will work with you from the design of your kitchen to the final finishes. This will allow you to maintain open communication throughout the project and help you stay on top of any possible changes or adjustments to your plans. 

Review the overall project with your contractor so you can determine what should be a priority and what doesn’t require adjustments. A condo is a small space so you have limited room for dramatic changes. Instead, choose subtly and styling design features that are timeless and will continue to be pleasing to the eye for years to come. Remember to use your space as effectively as possible. Take advantage of storage opportunities in your kitchen to help reduce clutter and keep your kitchen looking spectacular.

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Consider Painting Options

Because condos present a number of design challenges, one of the easiest ways to enhance the look of your space is through paint. This is a great option for both owners and renters alike because it is affordable and easy to change when you’re ready to restyle your home again. 

Most condos tend to be white or beige so don’t be afraid to play with color. A bold accent wall can add drama to your kitchen space. Remember to choose a paint that is versatile and seamlessly blends with the other rooms in your home. Most condo kitchens are open concept so you want to be sure that no matter what color you choose, it looks great in any area of your living space. 

Keep resale value in mind. Choose a color that a future tenant or owner would be pleased to have in their home too. This will ensure you enhance your resale value so you can make a quick sale when you are ready to move into a new space. Your interior design expert will help you find stunning paint choices that will make your kitchen inviting for both family and friends.

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