The Best Condo Kitchen Renovation Tips


If you’re thinking about renovating a kitchen, there are many features to consider and even more so within a condo. It’s important to redesign the overall look but also to maximize space and function. Condo kitchen renovations don’t necessarily equal impossible or expensive, as there are plenty of condo kitchen renovation ideas out there and small kitchen renovations can also be done well with proper planning.

When it comes to condo kitchen renovations, you might be wondering where to begin? Well, you’re already in the right place to find great condo kitchen designs for your upcoming condo kitchen renovation! Moose Condo Reno has all the tips, tricks and considerations for you below.

When is the right time to renovate your condo kitchen?


The first consideration you should take when thinking about remodeling your condo kitchen is finding the most optimal time.

The kitchen is the heart of the home and one of the busiest areas. Whether you’re planning a small kitchen reno or a complete kitchen renovation, consider the season and how it affects your lifestyle. For instance, spring and summer are considered to be high seasons for kitchen renovators which means contractors might be busier.

If you plan in advance, the kitchen renovation could be completed while you’re on vacation or when the kids are away at summer camp, making it less busy in the household. Since kitchen renovations are indoor projects, they can be done anytime throughout the year.

It’s very important to bear in mind that when you are remodeling your kitchen, you won’t be able to access or use it for a period of time. It goes without saying that the time period needs to be a critical area that has lots of consideration in the planning of your kitchen condo renovation.

Consider your kitchen needs

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When it comes to condo kitchen design, this whole concept is based on what you need in your kitchen. Some important features to consider are:

  • Functionality: Things such as prep areas, storage, appliances locations, etc.
  • Prep areas
  • Storage
  • Appliance locations
  • Design workflow and layouts (such as open-concept, ergonomic, L-shaped, etc.)
  • Eating areas
  • Entertainment considerations (such as wine fridges, bars, islands, etc.)

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Overall, we suggest these top tips when planning for your condo kitchen renovation

1. Create a wishlist of the top features that are important in your kitchen considering both design features and functionality.

2. Set a budget, much of your wishlist will be dictated by your budget.

3. Measure and consult with a kitchen renovation designer (like Moose Condo Renos!)

Toronto Condo Kitchen Remodeling

Pros of condo kitchen renovation

When you renovate your kitchen, not only do you create the kitchen of your dreams and beautiful new space. You also increase and improve your kitchen in terms of layout, design, aesthetic, style, and function!

Another big incentive is that you actually improve your home’s value. If you decide to sell down the line a new and improved kitchen does wonder for attracting new potential home buyers and helps add on to your resale value.

Your kitchen remodel is one of those investments in a house that always nets a return when executed properly.

Cons of condo kitchen renovation

One of the most apparent downsides of transforming your kitchen is the amount of money required. Most kitchen renovation projects require a significant amount of budgeting, saving, and planning. Fortunately, with Moose Condo Reno, we offer financing options for any size of condo kitchen renovation in Toronto.

How long does it take for a condo kitchen reno to complete
Another con of a condo kitchen reno is the amount of time that it will take. Now this is dependent on the size of your kitchen and project plans. But keep in mind, ultimately no matter the size of your kitchen or the remodel project, you will also be out of your kitchen for this time period which means finding alternative ways of preparing food.

Additional expenses
There are many factors that need to be considered when outlining the cost of a kitchen remodel. Typical ones such as size, location, design, finishes, and scope of work will dictate the majority of your budget. But other factors such as new appliances, cabinets, and quality of materials can also raise or lower your costs.
It’s also important to keep in mind that there may be unexpected changes with your condo kitchen designs and plans which is why we suggest budgeting about 20% more into your initial budget to help accommodate for these unexpected changes.

But are there ways to save money on your kitchen remodel? Of course, there is! Some of our top money-saving tips include:
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DIY what you can.
If you’re a handyman, you can DIY some of your projects in the remodel to help save on labor.

Reface cabinets instead of replacing
Replacing cabinetry can get expensive, a cheaper alternative would be to resurface your existing cabinetry or simply repaint and swap out the hardware to give them a newer look.

Consider lower grade swap-outs
When it comes to different finishes for your condo kitchen design, consider looking at alternative or comparable finishes to stick within your budget. For instance, a grade 1 quartz countertop can cost less and be just as comparable in quality and durability as a grade 2 granite.

Trust the Pros

So if you are ready to begin renovation on your condo’s kitchen, great! Our last piece of advice is to protect your peace of mind by hiring professional condo contractors like Moose Condo Reno. We are Toronto’s and the GTA’s preferred expert quality condo renovators. We help our clients bring their kitchen dreams to a reality, we have everything you will need from planning, designing, and execution under our roof.

Moose Condo Reno offers unmatched, quality service with 100% customer satisfaction. There is a high degree of pride and detail that goes into our work to guarantee that all our customers are satisfied. We only use high-quality and eco-friendly materials to deliver top-notch final products. We also adhere to the Ontario Building Code, allowing us to create a safe and stylish design.

Ready to get the kitchen of your dreams out of your head and into your home? Contact us today!